Peacock feathers

There is no denying that nature is an endless source of inspiration and I couldn't resist attempting a peacock feather pattern. I wanted to focus on the colors and shapes and have a very lose composition.

This called for using watercolors, as it is one of my favorite mediums. Upon completing my painting I was still left feeling not completely satisfied with the result but could not quite put my finger on the reason. It just lacked the wow factor and seemed unfinished.

What made this pattern look complete was actually using digital drawing on top of my hand painted watercolor work. I scanned my painting and transferred it to my Ipad and using Procreate (still getting to grips with the program but utterly loving it) I was able to layer some details and fine lines, which brought life to my painting.

In the end, I am really happy with the result! It will be available soon on my Society 6 store on different items so stay tuned!