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100 years of perfume

I need to confess that I am a huge perfume lover and the world of fragrance has a great appeal to me. Everything from the gorgeous bottle designs to the captivating scents that have the power to evoke feelings and memories. The wold of scent is certainly a world of magic for me. It is not a surprise that perfume bottles are a frequent topic in my illustrations, i even created my very humble Skillshare class on illustrating perfume bottles.

One day a while ago, I got the idea of choosing a perfume bottle of each decade from the past 100 years and make a metaphorical perfume walk throughout the century. I started painting right away and it didnt take long to complete my illustration. But when it came time to actually write my blog post, I simply didnt know where to begin. I had this great vision of describing each perfume in depth and giving its background story but the truth is, even thought I am a perfume lover, I am far from an expert and i dont have the needed vocabulary to even begin to talk about fragrance.

And so my illustrations were left to gather 'dust' in a folder on my laptop, waiting for me to write my post. As time went on, it seemed like I will never write this post and the idea will be forgotten. But i dont want this to be a reason whey my paintings wont see the light of day so instead of me talking about them, i will let them speak for themselves.

So without further ado, here are my perfume bottles, each coming from a different decade and carrying it's own magic inside. Let's start our journey from the year 1910.

1910 - Cornubia by Penhaligon's

1920 - N#5 by Chanel

1930 - Joy by Jean Patou

1940 - Youth dew by Estee Lauder

L'air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Chant d'aromes by Guerlain

1970 - Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

1980 - Poison by Dior

1990 - Classique by Jean Paull Gaultier

2000 - Champaca absolute by Tom Ford

2010 - Venezia by Laura Biagiotti

2019 - Musc Shamal by Armani, Armani prive line

sn't it fascinating seeing how each decade has it's own aesthetic, some of those bottles represent perfectly their decade, others I chose simply because I find the bottle beautiful!

The art of perfumery has brought us countless gems both in terms of scents and bottles.

I am constantly finding inspiration from the world of perfumery and am growing a small collection of perfume illustrations on my site. You can see some of my latest works in my page specially dedicated to perfume illustration.

I hope you enjoyed this little fragrance walk throughout the past 100 years!

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