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Monet2Klimt - when art comes to life

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For my birthday this year, i decided to treat myself to a trip to Tallinn (just a short ferry trip from Helsinki) and part of the program was visiting the Monet2Klimt exhibition in the old town of Tallinn.

I was introduced it by a friend and i was mesmerised by the moving images and magic transformations i saw on the exhibition's website.

As a huge lover of the Impressionism style, i knew straight away that this is a must-see for me. The exhibition features 140 beautiful works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. What else could an art lover want?

The experience is truly magical and I found myself lost in the moving pictures, dancing on the screen and morphing into each other with unexpected effects, accompanied by beautiful classical music that perfectly set the tone for the artworks.

The whole exhibition last about 45 minutes and it is set in a single room with just wooden benches to sit on and marvel the beauty that reveals on two screens facing each other on each wall. I wasn't aware that the images projected on each wall are different and basically you are able to see 2 sets of artworks at the same time.

I was particularly excited to see my favorite painting possibly of all - Starry Nights by Van Gogh, only to find that it is being projected on the wall behind me! So basically this means i need to visit again and see the other half of the exhibition that was playing behind me all the time i was recording the moving images in front of me. Well, cant complain, can i? It is a treat waiting for me to visit and experience again.

It was a true challenge to select what images to feature in this post, as the whole 45 minutes were filled with masterpieces that came to life before our eyes. One more beautiful than the other with every change of the scene. A true transportation into the world of art.

I knew i wanted to film this exhibition so that everyone who isn't able to visit and enjoy it in person, can still experience the magic of Impressionism in this interactive way.

Take a snack or a drink and let the world of these great artist envelop you with magic and beauty. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did and lets all look forward to my next visit when i can film the remaining image i wasn't able to capture.

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