The brand

A journey of a thousand miles beginswith a single step.

-Lao Tzu

Behind the scenes

Hi, I'm Stella - the artist behind Stella Visual.

​I am an avid fashion and beauty lover and I strive to explore their beauty through my work, regardless of medium.

Through my experience as a fashion blogger I have learned that having a personal style that speaks to who you are, is more important than following trends.

This definitely shows in my fashion illustration, as I tend to draw inspiration from fashion looks that I consider timeless or are something I would wear myself. Luckily for me, the world is full of beautiful fashion and inspiration can be found literally anywhere. There are so many fashion illustrators I admire and learn from.

To me fashion illustration has the power to capture a sense of glamor and bring it to everyday life. I hope my art brings you  a glimpse of magic and glam,

Alongside illustration and photography, I co-host a creative podcast called Art Mode, together with the wonderful Rebecca Feneley

Enjoy your stay!

Love, Stella