The brand

A journey of a thousand miles beginswith a single step.

-Lao Tzu

Behind the scenes

Hi, I'm Stella - the artist behind Stella Visual.

My journey with fashion and beauty illustration started few years ago, when I wanted to create a perfume illustration calendar as a Christmas present for a friend who is a perfume lover.  Surprised by how much I enjoyed the process of painting the perfume bottles, I soon realised that I have discovered a new love.

Being a beauty and perfume lover myself, I practiced and studied tirelessly, creating perfume illustrations of so many stunning perfume bottles that inspired me. Later, born from the love for perfume illustration,

I created a class on Skillshare, teaching perfume illustration with watercolours for perfume lovers regardless of skill level.

Fashion is an old love of mine, being a fashion blogger I have learned that having a personal style that speaks to who you are, is more important than following trends.

This definitely shows in my fashion illustration, as I tend to draw inspiration from fashion looks that I consider timeless or are something I would wear myself. Luckily for me, the world is full of beautiful fashion and inspiration can be found literally anywhere. There are so many fashion illustrators I admire and learn from.

To me fashion illustration has the power to capture a sense of glamor and bring it to everyday life. I hope my art brings you  a glimpse of magic and glam,

enjoy your stay!

Love, Stella